California Corps of Engineers


Quality. Service. Support.

CCE’s goal is simple: to match our technical expertise and world-world-class solutions with your application needs, providing unparalleled support and solutions. Our staff has years of experience providing superior technical and product support to a wide variety of businesses and industries.

CCE is California born and bred. We know the unique challenges facing Californian industries, so we provide the right technology and solutions for your applications with an eye on cost and regulatory compliance. Whether its increasing efficiency or reducing downtime, CCE has the understanding and expertise to reduce your costs and improve your bottom line

From best-in-class Digital Control Systems tailor-fit to your specific needs, to Final Control Elements and everything else in between, CCE has the tools, the industry knowledge, and the process control experience to solve your most challenging applications. To discover how we can improve your asset reliability, increase your product throughput, or reduce your process variability, give us a call or contact us today:




  • Process Control

  • Fluid Measurement

  • Thermal Management

  • Industrial Automation

  • Engineering & Consulting Services

Solutions & Services

Leveraging our experience in process control and instrumentation, we provide a wide array of product solutions and services to solve flow, temperature, quality, and measurement issues.


We provide effective consulting services to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and maximize return on investment.